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Chatbot Email Capture Perfected with Email Validator


As a chatbot builder, one of the most crucial tasks is to capture user emails accurately. However, the process of email validation can be frustrating, especially when dealing with various user inputs and edge cases. Umbral is happy to announce our first VoiceFlow utility block, that will help chatbot builders work more efficiently and handle email validation with ease. This is: Email Validator.

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Umbral AI’s “How to Validate Email Addresses in Your Chatbots

The Importance of Email Validation

Capturing user emails is a fundamental function of chatbots. Whether you’re building a customer support chatbot, a sales support system, or an FAQ assistant, obtaining valid email addresses is essential for follow-up communication and automation. However, ensuring the accuracy and validity of the captured emails is not always straightforward.

Current VoiceFlow Email Capture Options and Their Limitations

Let’s take a look at some common approaches to email validation in chatbots:

  1. No Validation: Simply capturing the entire user reply without any validation can lead to inconsistent and unreliable email data.
  2. Voiceflow Entities: While Voiceflow provides an entity system to identify email addresses, it has limitations. If the user’s input doesn’t match the expected format, the extracted email may be incomplete or invalid.
  3. AI-based Validation: Using AI models like GPT to extract email addresses from user replies can be effective, but it still struggles with edge cases and incomplete email formats.
  4. JavaScript String Manipulation: Utilizing regular expressions in JavaScript to validate email patterns is a step in the right direction. It can filter out obviously invalid emails, but it doesn’t guarantee the existence of the email address.

Introducing Umbral Email Validator

To address these challenges, we’ve developed Email Validator – a comprehensive solution for foolproof email validation in chatbots. Email Validator combines the power of regular expressions with the robustness of a third-party email validation service called ZeroBounce.

How Email Validator Works

  1. Obvious Email Check: Email Validator first applies a regular expression to the user’s input to identify potential email addresses. This step filters out obviously invalid formats.
  2. ZeroBounce API Integration: If the input passes the obvious email check, Email Validator sends a request to the ZeroBounce API. ZeroBounce verifies the existence of the email address by checking the DNS server records of the email provider.
  3. Validation Result: ZeroBounce returns a status indicating whether the email address is valid or not. If it’s valid, Email Validator marks the email as validated for future use in automations. If it’s invalid, the chatbot prompts the user to provide a correct email address.


  • Ensures the accuracy and validity of captured email addresses
  • Reduces the risk of email bounces and protects your email sending reputation
  • Seamlessly integrates with your chatbot flow
  • Handles various user inputs and edge cases effectively
  • Cost-effective solution with a pay-as-you-go pricing model

Download Chatbot Email Validator Now!

We’re excited to announce that Email Validator is now available as a set of free chatbot utility blocks. To get started, simply provide your email address, and we’ll send you the necessary information to integrate Email Validator into your chatbot flow.

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Email validation is a critical aspect of building effective chatbots. By leveraging Email Validator, you can ensure the accuracy and reliability of captured email addresses, enhance your chatbot’s functionality, and improve user experience. Don’t let invalid emails hinder your chatbot’s success. Try Email Validator today and take your chatbot to new heights!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Email Validator compatible with all chatbot platforms?

At the moment, Email Validator is only usable with VoiceFlow

2. How accurate is the email validation provided by Email Validator?

Email Validator combines advanced regular expressions and the power of the ZeroBounce API to ensure the highest level of accuracy in email validation. The regular expressions filter out obviously invalid email formats, while the ZeroBounce API verifies the existence and deliverability of the email address by checking the DNS server records of the email provider. This two-step validation process guarantees that the captured emails are valid and reliable.

3. What do I need in order for Email Validator to function properly?

First, you need a Voiceflow account to import the Email Validator .VF file. Second, you will need a ZeroBounce account so you can enter your API Key.
Signup to Zero Bounce Here (affiliate link)

4. How do I install Chatbot Email Validator?

Enter your email address, and you will be automatically sent an email that contains a .VF file. Once the .VF file is downloaded on your computer, click “import .VF file” from your Voiceflow dashboard. Then, follow the instructions located within the blocks to connect to your chat flow.